Meet Bronte our August glamour yogi ! Bronte has been practising at the YOGA loft since 2018. This lady has an amazing handstand practice and is also one of our regular bookclub geeks! She makes us laugh so much and her smile is simply contagious. Bronte will be leaving to travel overseas soon and we know that we will really miss her while she is away, although the YOGA loft will always be her home. Read about Bronte here !

What’s your favourite class at YOGA loft? Definitely hot power. Even though I pull faces like it’s going to kill me.

When did you first start yoga and what do you like most about the practice ? I started in 2012 out of curiosity. it gave me goals that always seemed attainable and Its something I do if i’m stressed or feeling off, without failure I feel a huge improvement after an hour on the mat.

What are passionate about in life? Meeting new people and seeing as much of the world as I possibly can. Cultures, nationalities and languages have always been fascinating to me and those new interactions feel like they add little pieces to my personality.

What is your favourite food / drink ? Is it acceptable to say everything? Japanese food is quite high on the list. Food is my weakness!

What is your favourite thing about humanity ? It’s curiosity and desire to know more. Its an individual trait in each of us with our own personal questions about life, the future and what comes next.
As a community, everyday you can learn more and understand something new in order to contribute to society.

What is your most loved part of Newcastle ? Its so Beautiful. We are fortunate to have a coastline that is so accessible, it makes for great spots to read my book.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our readers and fellow Lofties ? Don’t overthink things. Future you will appreciate it.

Cveta Jovanoska