40 day revolution!


“Let the Revolution Begin Today…”

A breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul.” 

– Baron Baptiste

Whether you are looking for huge transformation or small positive shifts in your life, this inspiring program motivates students to live from a higher level of well-being on all levels!

Welcome to  ‘40 Days to Personal Revolution’

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  • 40 Days of Unlimited Membership 

  • Weekly support group meetings

  • Guideline dietary plan and Nutritional Support

  • Life changing journey

*NOTE: To receive price at $49 members must hold a current Direct Debit unlimited membership.


Let the Revolution begin now! In 40 Days to Personal Revolution, based on Baron Baptiste’s program (one of the world’s most beloved master yoga teachers), you will be inspired to transform more than just body and mind; you will be given the tools you need to set yourselves free to live the abundant, healthy and enriched life you’ve always imagined. In the next 40 days you will create a whole new way of being and living through committed yoga and meditation, personal exploration and healthy nutrition. Tapping ancient wisdom from Baron Baptiste’s own personal experience and your yoga teachers here at the YOGA loft, this practical program will lead you to the clarity of mind, body, and spirit that awaits on the other side of your revolution. Redraw the map of your life!


Over the next few weeks, as you start to align yourself with the principles of the program, you will start to see that transformation is natural. You will lose weight if that is what needs to happen; you will become less reactive and calmer if you need to do so; your negative patterns will start to release their grip on you and you will have more energy and vitality than ever before. You will discover that external changes happen when we adjust the inner workings of our minds – when we adopt a philosophical foundation that gives our growth greater purpose and meaning. Like the great masters, you will come to understand that all health and vitality is the outward reflection of a pure heart and right intent.


Yoga Practice ‐ 5 times a week at the studio. Practice any classes that suit your schedule, and if you are new to yoga, try the Greenie and gen R classes and build up to Sweat It classes. Remember to play with your edge, for this is where the true transformation happens!

Home Practice – 1 day a week of practising at home, you can follow along with the 40 days book provided, follow a DVD or CD or just listen to your body and create your own routine.

Rest Day – take 1 day off from your yoga practice each week for a day of active rest.

Daily Power Meditation – integrate a time for mindfulness and presence into your daily routine, starting with 5 minutes twice a day for the first week, then increasing each week in 5 minute increments to 30 minutes twice daily in the final week.

A Balancing Diet – You are what you eat! We don’t recommend any particular diet but give you the tools to help you look at your diet consciously, to introduce more natural and whole foods and learn to use your intuition and listen to your body. You will become mindful of what you eat and of what nourishes your body. The types of food that you eat during the 40 days can support and sustain you physically and mentally or they can leave you feeling tired and lackluster. This is a very important part of the Revolution and can have powerful effects on your success of the program.

3­Day Fruit Fast or 7Day cleanse – part of week 4 is the 3‐day fruit fast to cleanse your body leaving you feeling cleaner and more energetic for the remaining weeks. Fasting is an incredible way to give your digestive system a complete rest, while de-toxing the body. We have an amazing Nutritionist who has made up a 7day cleanse just for you.

You can do it, so don’t find excuses and see how good you feel!

Revolution Community Meetings – participate in our weekly meetings on Mondays at 7:30pm. These are a fantastic way to set your goals, share your experiences with your new 40 day friends, strengthen our community and be inspired by your teachers to commit to this remarkable journey. It is highly recommended that you get to these weekly meetings.

Journal/Excavation Questions – keep a weekly journal during the journey to bring awareness to the beliefs, mental patterns and relationships in your life that hold you back and those that give you strength.

Take care of your body – be sure to stay adequately hydrated each day, drinking at least 2 litres of water each day and a supplement to replenish the nutrients and minerals lost through sweating, e.g. Endura or Ultra Muscleze which are available from health food shops or the chemist.

How to Use the Board – Track your progress through the weeks on the large black board in the chill out room at the back of the studio! Just fill in your name and record daily what type of practice and the number of meditations you completed that day using the following key:

SP = Studio practice    HP = Home practice 
  M1 = One meditation session     M2 = Two meditation sessions

R = Rest day (no practices)

Reading the book – In your first week, please read the introduction and Laws of Transformation from our companion book, Baron Baptiste’s “40 Days to Personal Revolution” to set the stage for your journey.

Each week of the program is centred on a theme, discussed in the book, which will be the focus for your yoga and meditation practice, your new diet insight and your personal development that week. These themes and the laws of transformation will be discussed at the weekly community meetings.


Rise out of your comfort zone and let the revolution begin!

REGISTER at the YOGA loft or by phoning 4927 1010.

Refund Disclaimer:  
The 40 days program asks for your 100% commitment. No refunds will be provided if you decide to withdraw from the program. A credit may be considered if an unforeseen circumstance occurs. A formal email or letter is required explaining your unforeseen circumstance with supporting documentation. The credit will only be valid for one transfer to another 40 Days program held in another month.




Still unsure if you feel ready for the challenge? See what our previous 40 – Day Challengers felt at the end of it…
“The 40 Day Challenge was a journey of self-discovery. Not only did I improve my yoga practice and build physical strength, I peeled back the layers within my mind and was able to work through the negative thoughts that were hidden beneath the surface. Through sharing and listening to others, I learnt that we are not alone and that many of us are faced with challenges within our daily lives. By taking the time to reflect on my diet, I was able to better understand the types of food my body needs to function at a high level. The meditation was an area I initially found extremely challenging. However through perseverance and acceptance, I was able to cultivate presence within my practice. Although the program has enabled me to become more mindful and aware, it would not have been possible without the support and professionalism of the staff at the YOGA Loft. Namaste x

If you start the 40 Days with an open mind, you should finish the 40 Days with an open heart!.

— Shaye