Ollie Thelning

River Man

Yoga Teacher


Classes I teach: Every week I get to share a practice with yogis of all abilities in the Wednesday night Community class, it’s great to see such a variety of people taking part in yoga.

On a Friday night, I play music in my Fiance and fellow Loft teacher’s Yin class. It’s amazing being able to share our love of yoga with all the Lofties and we find that the acoustic guitar and various other instruments really lends itself well to a yin practice.

Why I teach: I began practicing Yoga about 2 years ago now and straight away knew I had found a missing piece of myself. I had a well-established meditation practice already and the yoga really just enhanced that. I then decided to undergo my teacher training in order to further my understanding of yoga and myself as well as be able to pass on to people the benefits of a regular practice.

Why I practice: I have found through my own practice that I have been better able to relate to myself, emotionally and mentally as well as develop a greater awareness of my physical body. The time I have spent on the mat has enabled me to broaden the scope of who I am as a person, and through this, I feel I can be much more present and there for the people in my life.

Fave yoga pose: Humble Warrior. No reason other than my body says YES every time I hold it.

Work before yoga: My working life has been so varied over my lifetime, I have worked in conservation in New Zealand, dabbled in numerous trades, painting being my mainstay for the last 10 years. I have illustrated a book recently, and now I work as a support worker in Disabilities.

I have managed to strike that balance between having a day job and teaching yoga, and the support work to me is the ultimate counterpart to teaching yoga. I am forever learning from the people I work with and the skills I have to utilise in both professions are transferrable.

What inspires me: Everyday people I guess. The diverse range of students we have coming to practice, the people I support in my other job, my fiance, my family, my friends. Every person is navigating this life in their own unique way and being able to engage and interact with people and learn from them is really something special.

Fave food: RAMEN

I love YOGA Loft because it feels like a second home, as soon as you walk through the doors you feel your energy shift. The atmosphere of the place has been created through dedication to the students, love for the practice and absolute acceptance of whoever walks through the doors. Plus the view is second to none, and the acoustics of the studio is so good for a guitar.