Matt Worley

Handstand Man!

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The love of yoga was ignited for Matt yoga after attending a yoga classes in Hamilton Island as preparation to his race in an outrigger canoe in the Hammo Cup. He has always competed in sports and enjoyed the physical side of yoga. When he returned from Hamilton Island he continued taking yoga classes and quickly realised there was more to yoga than just the physical Asana Practice. He knew it was a life long journey.  

In 2012, Matt completed his Yoga Teacher Training under Aura Wellness, Fiona Leard and Power Living in Sydney. He continues his yoga journey learning from world renowned yoga teachers such as Les Leventhal, Tiffany Cruickshank, Simon Park and Simon Borg-Olivier.

His love for yoga and sports does not stop there. Matt is a keen surfer and Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board instructor.  He combines yoga with SUP when he teaches SUPYoga (Yoga on a Paddleboard) in Port Stephens, New south Wales.

Matt also fell in love with AcroYoga (yoga combined with acrobatics) and in 2014 completed his AcroYoga teacher training, making him a certified AcroYoga teacher.

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Classes I teach: Greenie, Sweat it, GenR, Beach yoga, AcroYoga, SUPYoga

Why I teach: To develop community and connection with people so I can share my passion for Yoga. I love sharing what I have learnt and continue to learn.  We are all our best teachers and we are an eternal student, it still amazes me every time I teach what I learn from our students and about myself.

Why I practice: To continue to learn about myself and the Yoga practice.  To grow calmer and stronger in every aspect to help me interact in our world in a more harmonious manner.

Fave yoga pose: Handstand or anything inverted

Work before: Aerospace Engineer

What inspires me: The beauty, power and awesomeness of mother nature. Also, I’m inspired by people willing to follow their passion and have a go.

Unique about me: I play the harmonium!

I love the YOGA loft because: Of the people in it and the space (not just the physical space but the overall space, vibe, community).