Dan Ballard

The Bear

Yoga Teacher


Classes I teach:  Vin Yasa, Hot Power, Yin & Vin Yasa/ Yin Mix

Why I teach: I commute 1.2 hours to the loft to share the inspired practice that changed my life and opened doors I never knew existed, not just on a professional level but for my own life.

Why I practice: I practice yoga for that liberating mind, body and soul connection. The work I do on the mat and within myself, filters through into my life so effortlessly, the more I dedicate myself here, the better it gets around me. For me, the practice is a way to support my athletic lifestyle but more importantly its always about the mind and how I feel.

Fave yoga pose: Hard to pick just one! But for me, you can’t beat any twist. Supine Twist!

Previous work before yoga teaching: I’ve worked just about every trade out there and spent 10 years in the Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning and Rehabilitation field.

What inspires me: Personal Development, getting out of bed every day to work on being that 1% better not just for myself, but everyone around.

Fave food: mmm, Avocado 🙂

I love the YOGA loft because it’s just all round epic, why else would I drive so far to teach 🙂