Bec Popp

Nature Lover

Yoga Teacher


Classes I teach:  On Friday nights I teach Yin with my partner Ollie where we bring together his acoustic guitar, my singing bowls, and other instruments for a magical start to the weekend.  I also regularly cover the weekends Hot Power Yoga, Greenie and Yin classes.

Why I teach: I love yoga for the incredible benefits I have experienced for my mind, body, and relationships, I teach because I am passionate about sharing yoga with others. Before I was teaching yoga I loved inviting anyone I met to come to a yoga class to at least experience it once.

Why I practice: I have been practicing yoga for most of my life, prior to the loft opening through watching DVDs at home. I love the way the yoga practice feels in my body and the clarity the practice brings to my mind. Working in a corporate job, yoga helps me reduce my stress levels, to breathe properly and move in a way that feels powerful yet beautiful.

Fave yoga pose: Yin – Hammock and Yang – Eka Pada Koundinyasana because both these poses make me feel like I’m weightless and floating.

Work before: I continue to maintain a yin/yang balance, working part-time as a Chartered Accountant at PwC, it’s been incredible to have their support to transition to part-time work when I started teaching yoga and yet maintain interesting accounting and business consulting work.

What inspires me: The natural environment around us, the ocean, bush, plants and animals for all their beauty, and ability to transform and grow. Travel, for the experience of different cultures, ways of life and belief systems. The people in my life, family and friends for their compassion, kindness, and support for each other.

Fave food: Fruit salad.

I love the YOGA loft because its a safe and magical place where I have met many of my closest friends. From the moment of hopping out of the lift to see a smiling face, the people at the loft (teachers and students) are incredible. When practicing, looking up to the ever-changing sky or spotting a whale while moving, breathing and sweating with a community of people around you is amazing. When teaching I love the energy of the space, the quality of the sound in the room and the ability of the students to really listen to themselves.