Adam MacDougall

Adam Macdougall is a former professional rugby league player. A two-time premiership winner with the Newcastle Knights, his talents were consistently recognised by NSW and Australian selectors. Since his retirement from the sport in 2011, Adam has applied the intensity that earned him the nickname “Mad Dog” on the fielding educating Australians about health and fitness. He has developed nutritional products to help Australians lose weight, including the popular Man Shake. He is a regular health and fitness commentator in print and on radio and television.

Adam and Cveta, our very own creator of YOGA Loft have teamed up to revolutionise health and fitness for men around the world.  The Man Challenge is a 10 week exercise and food program for ‘real blokes’ that can incorporate yoga into their exercise & fitness program – we love it !

If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining up to The Man Challenge you can sign up here!   Thanks Doogs!